In the last few years Sufjan Stevens has been sporadically dotting our lives with new tracks, be they for films like Call Me By Your Name or in honour of the great Tonya Harding, and he has appeared again today to offer us a set of new tracks in honour of Pride Month. The new release is essentially a couple of tracks, 'Love Yourself' and 'With My Whole Heart', rounded out with a couple of interstitial tracks to create essentially a new EP.

'Love Yourself' is a song that Sufjan has had in his locker for over 20 years, as the 1996 Demo of the track included here can attest, but the final version which kicks off this quartet of tracks is a fully realised and expansive track. Within the reflections of the cascading electronics we can hear the depth of Sufjan's expression for everyone to show self compassion, and the feeling is truly uplifting and valuable. Reminiscent of the maximalist tracks of The Age of Adz, but not without the heart-spun glory of his folky earlier works, 'Love Yourself' is a wondrous turn for the storied songwriter.

The other feature track here is 'With My Whole Heart', continuing with the theme of acceptance and adoration that makes this a perfect release for Pride Month. It was a challenge to himself to “write an upbeat and sincere love song without conflict, anxiety or self-deprecation,” and it's safe to say he has managed it with flying colours. 'With My Whole Heart' is an ascendant and gracefully anthemic track, that flutters like a rainbow flag resplendently in a summer breeze.

All 4 tracks from the release can be heard in the Youtube playlist below.

Head to this site to buy the tracks digitally or pre-order the 7" which will be out June 28th, with a portion of the proceeds going to two organisations that provide support for LGBTQ and homeless kids in America—the Ali Forney Center in Harlem, NY and the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, MI.

Sufjan has also designed a Pride t-shirt, which can be bought from his new webstore Sufjamz.

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