Swamp Dogg has released a second single from his upcoming album Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune, a re-envisioning of Nat King Cole's 'Answer Me, My Love', with the aid of Justin Vernon on digital effects.

Speaking in no-bullshit terms about why he decided to record the track, Swamp Dogg says "'Answer Me, My Love' is what we call a "Money record" and since I need money I recorded it. You can't go wrong with a Nat "King" Cole hit! He never recorded a bad song and always got hits. I need to pay some bills."

Now, while we have to respect his honesty, we also have to point out that he's doing himself a disservice, as he has made 'Answer Me, My Love' his own in this new recording. As on the previous single, the contrast between his weathered and soulful voice and the surprising, bombastic modern production techniques is astounding. While Swamp Dogg wrings the desperation of the song out in his resonant vocal delivery, explosive horn blasts and booming beats give the song a stylish and modernised bounce. As the song descends into its sweaty finale, more layers are set into play, with smooth organ, trilling phones and a sassy female soliloquy tangle themselves around Swamp Dogg's openhearted pleas, giving the track a thorny and audacious finale.

Swamp Dogg's Love, Loss and Auto-Tune comes out September 7th on Joyful Noise; pre-order it here.