Spikey rockers Swearin' recently returned from their indefinite hiatus with 'Grow Into A Ghost' and news of their first new album in 5 years Fall Into The Sun. They've followed that up today with 'Untitled (LA)', which even further proves Allison Crutchfield's comment that this is “the adult Swearin’ album.”

In 'Untitled (LA)', Swearin''s trademark scrappiness is still fully intact, but there's an orderliness to it, and lyrically they're considering much more "mature" and even mundane things. We start with Crutchfield in traffic across LA, contemplating the difference between the two sides of the vast city; she knows her partner won't sleep until she's called to say she's made it OK. In turn, Crutchfield wonders if her partner is happy and whether the caution is necessary. Later, lying next to her partner, she muses "when I look at you I see this whole city." A little drum break introduces what should be the uproarious chorus, but it flies by instrumentally, as though Crutchfield is just too exhausted to contemplate any further - only to be spurred into action by a second doubling down of the guitars, and she opines "If I'd never left home, would you still feel like you're alone?".

Fall Into The Sun comes out through Merge on October 5th. They're also touring the US, with full dates here, and UK dates to be announced soon.