Sweden's ShitKid will be releasing their second album on May 10th; it's called [DETENTION] and takes its inspiration from their high school days. Band leader Åsa Söderqvist says that she "started listening to the bands that [she] loved in school again, and [she] felt inspired by it.”

This can certainly be heard in new track 'RoMaNcE', which is almost laughable in its pop-rock simplicity, but there's no denying its power at recalling the rushes of excitement that are so entangled in teenage life. In the verses Söderqvist sings about a young man in school band that has caught her attention with his glances, making her feel sassy. Rather than try to work out these feelings, ShitKid just explodes it into a power-pop chorus that asks the ageless question "what have we done with the romance?" It's a throw-away, sing-along gem, and ShitKid's upcoming album seems set to be full of these little treasures.

ShitKid's new album [Detention] comes out through PNKSLM on May 10th.

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