An electronic artist citing Aphex Twin and Burial as influences is cause for some very raised expectations. To move listeners even half as much as Selected Ambient Works II or Untrue would be a feat. On ‘Fragment II,’ producer Bård Ericson (a.k.a. boerd) gradually peels layers of emotion from his arrangement, revealing more resonance the further it goes.

Downtempo but not downtrodden, this six-minute track does a lot with a little. The synth and drum motifs are constant and mixed with a sort of frosty wonderment. They’re like a lone bit of everlasting hope to hold onto in times of trouble. The spoken word samples from children add further poignancy. This is hopefully a sign of Ericson as the rare producer who can warm your heart as well as your mind.

boerd’s new mini LP, Static is set for release on April 6, via Anjunadeep. Follow boerd on Facebook.