Jess Abbott is set to return this June as Tancred with a second album called Nightstand. That single word title gives you a brief but sharp insight into what Tancred is going for on the album: intimate and personal songs with plenty of thoughts and moments to chew on.

Lead single ‘Reviews’ captures that perfectly, as a whip-smart and slick alt-rock song where Abbott is singing to herself about repeated mistakes she makes - like reading the titular ‘Reviews’. Through aerodynamic guitars whirling a lightweight emotional storm, Abbott shows her melodic nous as she playfully tips words off the end of her tongue, self-effacing and honest, the band eddying and shimmying along with her, dodging the barbs that she’s throwing in her lyrics. When it comes to the chorus “everything is fine/ it’s gonna take some time,” you know her temper is just simmering under the surface, and it comes surging out in a rush of guitars and keyboards, at once defeated and yet cathartic. Abbott pulls through to turn the finale of ‘Reviews’ into a joyous admission of shortcomings that will be overcome.

Tancred’s Nightstand comes out through Hand In Hive/Polyvinyl and can be pre-ordered here.