Tempesst originated on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, which perhaps goes some way to explaining why they have a natural radiance to all of their music. Even though they've now moved to deepest darkest Hackney, where they've created a studio in a warehouse, they still can't help themselves. Even when writing about death, as on new single 'Is This All That There Is?', they somehow find a way to make it into a song that evokes a sumptuous summer afternoon. Perhaps it has something to do with the setting in which it was written, which happened to be while Toma was back in Melbourne:

"I was at Little Cove, a beach in Noosa... It’s a little stretch of beach near a national park, it was totally filled with people. I just sat there in this ideal setting and realised how strange people are, especially when they’re at the beach. I wrote about what I saw and how it made me feel."

Seemingly, what it made him feel is a sense of time slipping away from everyone as they heedlessly go on about their lives, trying to make of it what they can. He surveys the beach and the young people having fun, and then observes his ageing self and is concerned - but at least he has a sense of humour about it: "What a bore to be obsessed with dying, like I'm the only one to put up a fight." Back in the studio with the rest of Tempesst, they seem to have seized on the levity of the scene, charging it with an upbeat rock groove and then adorning it with myriad sonic decorations, from bells to synths to chimes, which give the track a jovial bounce. This means that overly morbid lines like "you're like Halle Berry walking up the sand in that James Bond picture/ it made me think of ageing, how our bodies are decaying," raise a chuckle, and are quickly swept away in the track which is brimming with life. If the answer to the question 'Is This All That There Is?' is "yes," then this track doesn't make that seem too bad, after all.

Tempesst are in Austin for SXSW this week. If you happen to be there, you can catch them at one of these:

Desert Daze - March 13th
Aussie BBQ - March 14th
Space Agency - March 15th
SXSW Official Showcase - March 16th

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