New Zealand band The Beths recently blazed a trail onto our radar with the song 'Future Me Hates Me', the title track from their forthcoming debut album. This week they have released the album's opening track 'Great No One', which again sees them blitzing their way through persistent indifference.

Singer Elizabeth Stokes says "it's quite evident to me the kind of slow cycles my brain goes through. So 'Great No One' is kind of about that, about the voice in your head (my head) saying 'It's good, stop wasting time' and then 'It's garbage, stop trying', and trying to balance on that see-saw."

That see-saw of mental imbalance fuels the propulsive pop-punk of 'Great No One', which is muscular-yet-dynamic, audibly translating the weight of frustration and the lightness of not giving a fuck. As 'Great No One' crashes into its cathartic chorus, you feel the clenched-fist determination as Liz sings "I wanna move - I do, I do, I do!" and her band is on hand to provide a booming riff and cooing backing vocals, helping to push things forward and allow our protagonist to fly through mental barriers with effervescent determination.

'Great No One' comes accompanied by a self-made video. Liz tells us "the video was fun to make! We borrowed a green screen and a camera, and then I watched like fifty youtube tutorials on how to hang, light and shoot a green screen. And then we shot it, and then I watched like fifty youtube tutorials on how to use video editing software. So yeah. Fun."

The Beths' debut album Future Me Hates Me comes out through Carpark Records on August 10th.