Once, seemingly a lifetime ago, The National Lights promised a sequel to their debut, The Dead Will Walk, Dear.

Whom the Sea Will Keep was foretold to boast tales of love and loss, but after the band drifted apart, the album, and their collective at large, seemed lost at sea.

Their sound in 2008 was deceptively sweet, truly gorgeous indie folk disguising a bloody, dark interior. Some reviews at the time completely misappraised a unique, beyond deeply felt debut, perhaps dooming the first iteration of the band.

A true musical tragedy, as those who approached the record with open, curious minds discovered a world unlike any they'd encountered before. Speaking for myself, few albums hit me as hard as The Dead Will Walk, Dear, to this very day.

So, you can imagine fans' collective excitement upon learning: after a decade away, The National Lights have gathered together once again, returning to the long thought abandoned Who the Sea Will Keep, in the form of an EP, stretching their figurative legs after such a long absence.

To say the least, the journey proved worth it. We have a lot to look forward to in the all too brief return, but for now, satiate yourself with their latest offering, the reliably beautiful and melancholy 'Swift Ships'.

The union of three singer-songwriters, Chris Kiehne and Sonya Cotton, as well the project's founder and de facto leader Jacob Thomas Berns, the latter shared his thoughts on their latest single for The 405, "The draw of the ocean and pull of the land are currents throughout the EP. Even as this song’s narrator romanticizes the ocean life, he bemoans what he gave up for it, appealing to his listener not to make the same mistake."

He continues, "You can’t have it both ways, but that doesn’t make the choice any less disheartening. Little doubt, had this song’s narrator remained on land, he would have longed for what he’d given up to stay. He may have become the audience in another narrator’s song. Regret is just part of the deal."

Stay tuned for more very soon, not the least of which, Whom the Sea Will Keep, on February 22nd.

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