The Ninth Wave made a blasting start to the year with the release of slamming new-wave track 'Half Pure' - which had us instantly hooked in for what they might have planned next. The duo of Millie Kidd and Haydn Park-Patterson have now revealed their ambitious plans for their debut full length: it's called Infancy and is coming out in two parts. Infancy Part I will be out on April 26th, and Part II will come out on November 15th.

They've also shared new track 'Used To Be Yours', which features Millie on lead vocals, and she tells us “the song is set in the No Man’s Land that you find yourself in after a relationship ends, where you still feel like you have some sort of possession over each other... It reflects upon the inability to find comfort in one’s own company.”

Appropriately, 'Used To Be Yours' reveals a much softer side of The Ninth Wave than 'Half Pure', which is certainly part of their intention, as they say "We never started with a mindset of ‘We want to be like this band... We're always trying to do something new.” 'Used To Be Yours' is a taut and lithe indie rock song, with the pair's vocals interwoven with the guitar melodies while also trading off lines with each other. The result is a delightful evocation of the "No Man's Land" they describe above, where desires intersect, but are left agonisingly unfulfilled, and the resultant feeling is one of emotional overload with no clear way to dispel it. It makes for a heart-racing and emotional listen in the case of 'Used To Be Yours'.

The Ninth Wave's Infancy Part I is out through Distiller Records on April 26th (pre-order).

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