Red Velvet exist purely to make you happy.

As K-pop continually expands abroad, finding more and more ears around the world, most music writers still stand in stubborn ignorance. They're probably too busy angrily staring at their walls, listening to experimental festering technical gunk metal for hours on end, who knows. Still, with poptimism in full swing, it can't help but amuse as droves swoon over the likes of Grimes and Kero Kero Bonito but haughtily reject the very music they so heavily appropriate from.

For your own good, Red Velvet and I have three simple steps to understanding K-pop:

1) Remove that rotting fish carcass from your anal cavity.
2) Seek medical treatment, that's almost certainly infected.
3) Now refreshed, dare to (gasp!) feel good.

Like it or not, Red Velvet are quite simply the most idiosyncratic and joyous pop group from any country working today.

Who makes a music video literally interviewing fruit? Has the gall to make a pop song literally composed around animal sounds (that somehow works)? Finally films a music video featuring a male figure after smoothly refusing for years only to prepare him for ritual freakin' sacrifice? Crafts a summer smash about a damn mosquito? And now, with 'RBB', releases their second Halloween-themed visual feast nowhere near October 31st, just because they damn well please, thank you very much?

Red Velvet, naturally.

Their latest tune, and by extension their entire new mini-album (aka EP) of the same name, 'RBB' continues the saga of the titular "bad boy" from January's The Perfect Red Velvet and effortlessly ups the ante on boisterous, feminist fun. Naturally, in true Red Velvet fashion, its surpassed by RBB's deep cuts (see the strutting '멋있게 (Sassy Me)'), but serves as a perfect introduction for those of us just freed of aquatic creature-based ailments.

Welcome to the light. No, no, stop staring at your wall. Keeping your eyes open that long without blinking can't be good for you, man. Check out 'RBB's' visuals below for a clearly much needed reprieve; let Red Velvet's confidence wash over you. Yes, yes you are allowed to feel happiness! That emotion that's confusing you, that's what we call elation, and no, it doesn't come from glaring at blank tile. Isn't it a wonderful feeling?