Luis Vasquez aka The Soft Moon has recently moved to Berlin and signed to Sacred Bones, two extremely auspicious moves for someone who makes the kind of blisteringly black industrial pop that he does. Capitalising on this momentum, The Soft Moon will be releasing his second album Criminal on February 2nd, and judging from lead single 'It Kills', it's going to be a punishingly thrilling ride.

'It Kills' is built around propulsive clicks and whirrs, into which Vasquez projects his frustrations like a man at a final confession. The factory-grade synths and guitars then come in to elevate his tortured emotions, but also present a sense of relief, as Vasquez is washed away into a sea of glorious noise that carries him over the edge into oblivion.

Talking about the inspiration for 'It Kills', Vasquez says it "represents my constant struggle with making the same mistakes in order to feed my desires. A continual battle with the conscience. Some inspiration comes from a quote by William Blake: "Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained”."

Those frustrations and influences are certainly borne out in the song and its accompanying video, directed by Kelsey Henderson, which you can watch below.

You can pre-order The Soft Moon's forthcoming album Criminal here. Keep up with news about The Soft Moon ahead its release via his Facebook.