Sydney band These New South Whales are releasing their second album I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do on November 8th, and ahead of that they've shared the opening track 'It's Its Own Heart'. Singer Jamie Timony, aka The Workhorse, says:

"This is my favourite song from the new record. It’s also the album opener. It started out a lot slower, kinda like a shoegaze song. At some point we dialled the tempo right up and started experimenting with breaks and DnB beats. I really like the repetitive lyrics and the simplicity in the drums; kinda like a dance song. For me, it’s talking about the idea of the body as its own entity with its own free will and agency and the idea of fate, inevitability and destiny.”

Starting with a beat that's full of intent, 'It's Its Own Heart' soon becomes a frenzied guitar fire, pushing Timony's soulless vocals through pulverising passages. The percussion changes to incorporate different rhythms that only add to the outpouring of pure sound and make the track all the more frantic and fun. 'It's Its Own Heart' takes the body and animates it against its will, making it jerk and jive like a re-animated corpse - but with a lot more fury.

These New South Whales' new album I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is out November 8th. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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