Tierra Whack exploded with short and sharp success with last year's Whack World, which saw her putting together fifteen 1-minute tracks back-to-back in a dizzying display of flair and flow. If there was any doubt as to whether Tierra could make songs longer than 1 minute, then her new release 'Only Child' certainly puts that silly notion to bed.

'Only Child' employs Whack's now-trademark blend of swirled synths and vocal modulations, giving her sound a cartoonish twist - and the bars she spits have the potential to land like a Warner Bros. anvil on the head of their target. "You must be the only child/ because you're so stingy," she purrs in the chorus, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, as she goes deeper in her verses; "Every move you make, man, I swear it seem suspicious/ Lyin' through your teeth, so I don't rush to give you kisses/ Spiteful and malicious, hope that other chick got syphilis." Throughout this the mood remains placid, so even when Whack sings about going "buckwild" you know that it's already in the past and she's completely over it - especially now she's buried this loser.

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