Tim Hecker will release a new album called Konoyo (translation: "the world over here") on September 28th, seeing him return to his old label Kranky. The album was inspired by trips to Japan (where he collaborated with gagaku ensemble Tokyo Gakuso), as well as conversations with a recently-passed friend about negative space and music's banal density.

You can get your first dose of these heady ideas with Konoyo's 8-minute opening piece 'This Life', which he has released today. The song is reaches new realms for Hecker, while bearing some familiar hallmarks. The glossy and fuzzy haze that coats the whole song is somewhat familiar from his previous album Love Streams, but has a different tone and quality which is equally as engrossing. More stunning are the other elements of 'This Life', including braying strings, sounding like they're being tortured to snapping, enmeshed into this grandiose piece. As the song unfolds, a domineering bass figure looms up out of the miasma and starts to drive the song into all different shapes and spaces. As all these various elements dance around each other, then push up against one another, the result is idiosyncratically compelling, like the best of Hecker's work.

You can pre-order Konoyo now from Tim Hecker's Bandcamp.