Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has never really been one to be pinned down. This probably has much to do with Orlando Higginbottom's absence following his 2012 debut, Trouble. We hardly knew him before he returned to the ether, retreating to the comfort of his DJing career: there was no pinning him, he wouldn't let us.

Naturally, he recorded all the while. His style has clearly developed in recent years, charming rough edges are now largely fine-tuned. Upon returning last month with 'Leave a Light', Higginbottom has been pushing forward, returning again already with 'Don't You Forget About Me'.

This is his moment, and he's still mostly excited for others: "“I’m so excited for everyone to finally hear Dave’s guitar solo," is largely what he offered in reference to his latest emotive groove. Dave Okumu (of The Invisible) does indeed offer a strong appearance here, but the show is all Higginbottom's.

Production from Julian Bunetta will surprise many, but the Maroon 5 producer's slick, glossy touch works well for 'Forget', casting a placid surface over the nearly desperate surface of the song's titular plea. In short, it all gels in a rare way.