The stand-alone single 'Green' aside, California band Touché Amoré have been pretty quiet since the release of their excoriating 2016 album Stage Four. Now, with a co-headline tour of Europe with Deafheaven just around the corner, they're letting us have a peak of the next chapter of their story with new single 'Deflector'. Singer Jeremy Bolm revealed this about their recent activity:

“This time around, we need to take a chance with the unfamiliar. Someone who would take us out of our comfort zone. Enter Ross Robinson. A man who knows no comfort zone. I followed his career all through my youth to being a young adult. When we returned from our recent Midwest tour, we entered the studio to record a song with Ross and see if there was chemistry…”

The answer as to whether there was any chemistry is a ripping and resounding "yes", as 'Deflector' takes Touché Amoré's blistering post-hardcore sound, bolsters it and adds new levels of dynamism. While the topic here might not be as fatal and personal as that of Stage Four, the scabrous passion is not at all reduced. From the moment that Bolm opens the track announcing "I'm a colorless banner," we're whipped into a torrent of vicious self-examination, with Touché's razor-edged instrumental abilities honed to even finer degrees. With added production nous, 'Deflector' takes us through whipping verses into a floating chorus (not to dissimilar from future tourmates Deafheaven), where Bolm concludes "I'm not too comfortable/ I rarely am." The band then seizes on this moment to reflect, laying back into a meandering and relaxing break down, with Bolm continuing to extract his thoughts in the middle distance - then of course it comes thundering back in for the resounding finale "I will dive right in/ I'm too delicate," he repeats, simply summing up a feeling I'm sure many of their fans have felt repeatedly through their lives.

'Deflector' will be released on 7" with 'Green', which will be available on tour and here. Here's their dates for the European co-headlining tour with Deafheaven:

16-September, 2019 - Budapest, A38 (HU)
17-September, 2019 - Ljubljana, Kino Siska (SL)
18-September, 2019 - Milan, Santeria Social Club (IT)
20-September, 2019 - Vienna, Arena (AT)
21-September, 2019 - Prague, Meet Factory (CZ)
22-September, 2019 - Berlin, SO36 (DE)
23-September, 2019 - Copenhagen, Vega (DK)
25-September, 2019 - Hamburg, Markthalle (DE)
26-September, 2019 - Haarlem, Patronaat (NL)
27-September, 2019 - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (DE)
29-September, 2019 - Bristol, SWX (UK)
30-September, 2019 – Newcastle, Riverside (UK)
1-October, 2019 – Glasgow, Garage (UK)
2-October, 2019 – Manchester, Academy 2 (UK)
3-October, 2019 – London, Electric Ballroom (UK)
4-October, 2019 – Brussels, AB Ballroom (BE)
5-October, 2019 - Paris, Trabendo (FR)
7-October, 2019 – Cologne, Live Music Hall (DE)
8-October, 2019 – Munich, Backstage Werk (DE)
9-October, 2019 - Zurich, Rote Fabrik (CH)
10-October, 2019 – Lyon, Epicerie Moderne (FR)
11-October, 2019 - Barcelona, AMfest (ES)
12-October, 2019 - Madrid, Sala Shoko (ES)
13-October, 2019 – Porto, Amplifest (PT)

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