This week TOY have announced that they'll be releasing a new album called Happy In The Hollow on January 25th through Tough Love Records. The Londoners have said that they broke down their sound and production habits and started from scratch when it came to recording the new album, and say "it felt very creative as a result. It’s an album we feel deeply connected to.”

The fresh approach has yielded captivating results, as judging by lead single 'Sequence One'. Speaking about the new track, they've said "'Sequence One' is about running through a war zone of post apocalyptic proportions with your significant other. It was one of the first tracks we wrote when we started making Happy In The Hollow. We wrote it on the 5th Of April."

Looking at worldwide events for 4th and 5th April this year, the number of different war-related things happening at the time is shockingly high, so we can't be sure which one inspired 'Sequence One'. In fact, it's possibly all of them, as TOY have delivered a song that does not clang with noise or shudder with artillery-like fury, but instead glides and pontificates on skeletal kraut structures. 'Sequence One' sounds more like a song TOY have written in the hopes of burrowing down inside of it and blocking out the chaos of the modern world. Inside the foundations of 'Sequence One', TOY have experimented with textures and tones in subtle ways that speak to a time dedicated to detail - and that craft has resulted in a song that demands repeat listens.

You can pre-order TOY's upcoming album Happy In The Hollow right here. They'll be touring aplenty coming up:

13th Belfast, Empire Music Hall
14th Dublin, The Workmans Club
15th Manchester, YES
16th Glasgow, King Tuts
17th Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
19th Brighton, Patterns
20th London, Village Underground
21st La Route du Rock, St. Malo, F
22nd Witlof Bar @ Botanique, Brussels, BE
24th Upstairs @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
25th Bumann, Cologne, DE
26th Prinzenbar, Hamburg, DE
27th Cassiopeia, Berlin, DE
28th Beatpol, Dresden, DE

1st Swamp, Freiburg, DE
2nd Petit Bain, Paris, FR
6th Ohibo, Milan, IT
7th Largo, Rome, IT
8th Covo Club, Bologna, IT
12th Kafe Antzokia Club, Bilbao, ES
13th Siroco, Madrid, ES
14th Las Armas, Zaragoza, ES
15th Sidecar, Barcelona, ES