Canadian producer and songwriter Robert Alfons aka TR/ST has been mostly-absent for 5 years now, his last full-length Joyland coming out in 2014. It's been a patient process for Alfons over the intervening years - "The giant agaves outside my home only bloom every 20 or 30 years. Being around that was a powerful lesson in slowness. And in tenacity” - but he's now back with big plans. TR/ST will be releasing The Destroyer, a two-part album, in 2019, with Part 1 coming out on April 19th and its latter half due in November. Our first glimpse of the new project comes in the form of new single 'Gone'.

Talking more about the process, Alfons says "I found myself seeking spaces of absolute quiet; I needed them in order to hear what was going on inside,” and this resulted in a record that is "much more emotionally tumultuous than the earlier releases... It’s also much darker and more sincere.”

This emotional turmoil can be heard in 'Gone', where crystalline synths carve a smooth and glistening path dead ahead, striving for the horizon. TR/ST's vocals turn this bright surrounding into something of a cocoon, with Alfons singing in downbeat tones about moving through apathetic and depressive moods. Nevertheless, he seems to be striving for a brighter future, as 'Gone' lifts into a propulsive chorus, spangled with descending notes and a resilient vocal that speaks to Alfons' necessity to overcome his malaise. TR/ST again amps up the energy as 'Gone' heads into its final act, the churn of emotion gaining momentum via additional layers of carefully-hewed electronics which pull our dejected singer onwards towards a more hopeful tomorrow.

You can order Part 1 of The Destroyer right here ahead of its April 19th release, with more information about Part 2 to come later in the year. Ahead of that, TR/ST will be in Europe for these dates:

09/04 - London, UK | Corsica Studios
11/04 - Barcelona, ES | Razzmatazz
12/04 - Madrid, ES | Sala Caracol
13/04 - Paris, FR | Le Bababoum
15/04 - Amsterdam, NL | Bitterzoet
17/04 - Copenhagen, DK | Vega
19/04 - Berlin, DE | Urban Spree
20/04 - St. Petersburg, RU| MOD
21/04 - Moscow, RU | Pluton

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