When you release as many albums as Ty Segall does, it must be hard to keep it fresh - but we know that the Californian enjoys testing himself and his listeners. He has a new album coming out on August 2nd which is called First Taste, a title that suggests he has some new tricks up his sleeve. Today he gives us a sneak peak of one of them called 'Ice Plant'.

“‘Ice Plant’ is a fever dream reflection of my childhood. . . A past no more. Was very fun to sing with the amazing Shannon Lay,” comments Segall. “My neighborhood in Laguna Beach was and still is covered in Ice Plants and Eucalyptus trees that would fall on our family's car and stain the paint job. One winter we tried to surf down the Ice Plant hills.”<

It's no wonder that he's got fellow 405 favourite Shannon Lay involved on this song, as she has a beautiful voice - and that's mostly what 'Ice Plant' is. Past the slightly odd and teasing shuffle of drums in the opening seconds, the bulk of 'Ice Plant' is built on a bed of multi-part harmonies, carrying a wistful dream. Segall takes the lead, using his rustic voice to recall poetically the above-mentioned memory from his childhood, turning it into a polychromatic scene. When 'Ice Plant' reaches its peak, he commands "let your love rain down on me," a fairly standard Ty-type hook, but in this entirely vocal-based song it commands a different mood. Check out 'Ice Plant' below.

Ty Segall's new album First Taste is out August 2nd on Drag City. He's got residencies in many major cities coming up late in the year, here's the European dates:

9/10 - Paris, FR @ La Cigale (plays First Taste+Melted)
10/10 - Paris, FR @ La Cigale (plays First Taste+Manipulator)
11/10 - London, UK @ Oval Space (plays First Taste+Melted)
12/10 - London, UK @ Oval Space (plays First Taste+Goodbye Bread)
13/10 - London, UK @ Oval Space (plays First Taste+Manipulator)
15/10 - Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzberg (plays First Taste+Melted)
17/10 - Haarlem, NL @ Patronaat (plays First Taste+Melted)
18/10 - Haarlem, NL @ Patronaat (plays First Taste+Manipulator)