Night Slugs is the London-based collective of producers that has proven hugely influential over the course of the last 10 years, with their work having graced several R&B and rap albums, influenced countless more, and launched the career of Kelela. On April 27th they will be releasing Allstars X, a compilation of new tracks from some of the group's biggest names - and some rising - to celebrate 10 years of Night Slugs.

With Cooly G's 'Digitally Higher' and Lil Silva's Bok Bok remix already out, the posse have selected New York-based producer Uninamise's 'Rise Of The Wolves' as another teaser from Allstars X. 'Rise Of The Wolves' is a piece of production that is just as forceful as it is compelling and danceable, and completely embodies the intentions that its creator had for it:

"I went into this track inspired by the idea of a warrior fighting to get his loved one back. The female vocal is by a flex dancer named Risa Morales, who says “rise of the wolves” in Japanese as the bass drops. That’s when the story begins," he says by introduction.

It's immediately obvious why 'Rise Of The Wolves' was chosen as a single, as it immediately sticks its sharp sound into you with the piercing warped sample that remains at the core of the song. Uninamise then builds towers of rumbling bass and heady percussion around it, practically daring people to come at him. You can hear the determination and venom in his eyes as shifting sounds clatter against each other. With many snatches of vocals flitting around, you can imagine the fight scene perfectly; the clicks and stomps are like limbs in combat being batted aside by the superior force and strength of our protagonist. Underpinning it all is subtle melodicism, framed by simplistic piano, giving the whole aural melee a distinctly cinematic feel.

Allstars X comes out on April 27th. Check out the track list:

01 ASMARA - Dhalsim Dub
02 BOK BOK - Silo Pass (LIL SILVA remix)
03 DJ J HEAT x NEANA - Love
05 BOK BOK & SWEYN JUPITER - Weather Report
07 KAYY DRIZZ - Bang
08 GIRL UNIT - Double Chop
09 FIEDEL - Doors To Manual
11 UNINAMISE - Rise Of The Wolves
12 GIRL UNIT x SWEYN J - Slime Twins
13 HELIX - Hmu Joe
14 COOLY G - Digitally Higher