Electronic producer and artist Vasser has released an exciting new cut ‘Valerians’, his first new material since debut EP A Telling End. After picking up early support with taste makers including BBC, Clash and DIY, he continues to impress with this insular yet engaging cut of alternative. Creating deeply ruminating beats that lend themselves perfectly to the nighttime, his sound is simultaneously somehow intimate and all-consuming.

‘Valerians’ has a much more linear structure than his dance-inspired early tracks including his streaming smash ‘Whatever You Want’. Here his vocal takes a far more prominent position in the track as he details the death of a relationship and the clarity you feel after making it through it and has gained expected comparisons to James Blake and Jon Hopkins.

Speaking of his work process, the enigmatic musician had this to say: “I’ve realised that you can involve other people without compromising on the desire to do everything yourself. I've been born in an age where you if you work hard, you can basically sound however you want - all it takes is time. And not being exposed to a massive social life through spending time on music has actually helped me express myself better."

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