Lætitia Tamko aka Vagabon made an impression with her debut album Infinite Worlds a couple of years ago, but she's out to prove that she has plenty more to give. She'll be taking the next step with second album All The Women In Me, which comes out on September 27th through Nonesuch. She's started by releasing a new song called 'Flood Hands', about which she reveals:

"'Flood Hands' is a track I originally produced and arranged for a well-known pop-duo to have on their album. Knowing I was writing this song for musicians I admire, allowed me this relief from my writer's block. I used this assignment as a chance to flex my production muscles and write something I wouldn't have written as a 'Vagabon' song a couple years ago. The result felt like a triumph for me in my progression as an artist and I just couldn't stand to part with the song by the time I was finished."

Perhaps the fact that she didn't originally write the song for herself has allowed her to come out with something so confidently vulnerable. 'Flood Hands' is a song in which Vagabon contemplates leaving her partner, but knows that she can never fully drag herself away: "I know even if I run from it I'm still in it," she purrs in the chorus. All around her confessions throughout 'Flood Hands' we're treated to glistening synths and melodic shift - all of which were played, recorded and produced by Tamko herself. All of this is just further proof that Vagabon is a talent that we should all be excited about.

Vagabon's new album All The Women In Me comes out September 27th on Nonsuch. She'll be in Europe shortly after playing some intimate dates:

10/21 - London, UK @ St. Pancras Old Church
10/22 - Brussels, BE @ Autumn Falls @ Botanique - Brussels (B)
10/23 - Berlin, DE @ Kantine am Berghain
10/24 - Paris, FR @ Hasard Ludique

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