The just-turned-20 producer Vasser has this week released a new self-titled 3 track EP which features previous 405 Track Of The Day pick 'Valerians' along with two new tracks 'Blind Faith Talking' and 'Nearby'.

Speaking on one of the new tracks, 'Blind Faith Talking', Vasser says it's "about grief over relationship troubles, and the different attitudes you can have simultaneously (compassion and regret, hostility and aggression). The production and writing is supposed to reflect those harder and softer sides of me, too, and the fact that your responses are so inconsistent largely because of your own insecurity."

Not only is the wisdom in that quote well beyond his years - his production chops match. Vasser's juxtaposition of fine-edged beats on a bed of smooth synths match the complexities of the emotions expressed in his lyrics. As 'Blind Faith Talking' progresses, Vasser continues to surprise with new elements and layers, continually doing the unexpected and moving the song into unexpected asides - just like your own psyche in times of intense personal examination.

Check out the entirety of the Vasser EP, featuring 'Blind Faith Talking' below.

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