Bristolian producer Vessel recently announced his third album Queen Of Golden Dogs, which is due out through Tri Angle Records on November 9th (digitally) and November 23rd (physically). It's his first album in a number of years, and seems set to see him further detailing his sound with additional influences, care and inspiration.

'Paplu (The Love That Moves The Sun)' is his new track, and is a 10-minute voyage down a vortex of blasting beats, chopped percussion, alluring snippets and a plethora of other indefinable sounds and qualities. It starts welcomingly, with Vessel describing a resplendent sunrise in his buoyant tones and pops, but soon diverts into a minefield of polychromatic electronic explosions. As with previous single 'Argo', the fact that Vessel has managed to compound and order all of these bouncing and batshit elements into a thrilling fresco for the ears is astounding. 'Paplu''s extended run time allows Vessel to spread his ideas through the song, gradually sprinkling more mayhem into his mixture, giving it time to coagulate and cool, before returning to frothing over once more with inspiration and volatile excitement.

Vessel has also released a video to accompany 'Paplu (The Love That Moves The Sun)'. It was directed by Pedro Maia and it was inspired by Remedios Varo's painting "Les Feuilles Mortes"; the clip follows a central Queen experiencing transformation, both in herself and in the world around her. Watch below.

(Note: The video version of the song is only 6 minutes, but the album-length can be heard on your preferred platform.)

Vessel's new album Queen Of Golden Dogs is out next month on Tri Angle; pre-order the physical here.