The oddly-titled Manchester band W. H. Lung (it makes both more and less sense to find out they're named after a local Chinese supermarket that was raided in a fraud case) have announced that they'll be releasing a debut album called Incidental Music on April 5th through Melodic Records. Like the band name, the album name Incidental Music is an odd one, because judging by new 10-minute single 'Simpatico People', there's nothing incidental about it. (Although, if it is a reference to Brian Eno's Discreet Music, that makes a bit more sense.)

As the opener of their debut album, 'Simpatico People' quickly sets out W. H. Lung's intentions: they're taking us on a trip into a cavernous studio creation that has the claws and muscle to become a fierce live force. 'Simpatico People' is kraut-indebted, beginning as a lightly hovering jam, before hitting its stride and chugging along on arpeggiating synthesizers throughout. This is the fuel that is burnt by propulsive percussion and some scorching guitar lines that push the track well out into the far reaches of space. The track is so hypnotic and exhilarating that you'll be 8-minutes deep without even realising, at this point Joseph E. is repeating "Am I on my own? Am I on my own?" as he's so far into the void that no other life is apparent - but any listeners to 'Simpatico People' will be right there with him, having been hauled into this realm by W. H. Lung's musical sorcery.

W. H. Lung's debut album Incidental Music is out on March 12th via Melodic Records (pre-order). They've got some live dates coming up too:

Sat 11 May, Liverpool, The Shipping Forecast
Mon 13 May, Glasgow, The Garage (Attic Bar)
Wed 15 May, Nottingham, The Bodega
Wed 15 May, Brighton, Green Store Door
Thu 16 May, Bristol, The Louisiana
Fri 17 May, Southampton, Heartbreakers
Sat 18 May, London, Oslo (Hackney)

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