Limerick trio whenyoung are kicking off 2018 with purpose with the release of new single 'Pretty Pure'. It shows further honing of their abilities with soaring melodies and tactile emotions.

"It's a tragic point of view/ It's pretty honest but it's fucked up too," begins Aoife Power on 'Pretty Pure', harnessing the frustration in her voice, and graually let it slip out in a measured manner throughout the song's four minutes. She's helped out by the song's gliding rhythms that send her message skating straight into the face of its intended target, and for us listeners it's a joy to hear how the song leaps around in its method of attack, but flows together seamlessly. The result is a song that has a tight and annoyed attitude, but you can gradually hear it slipping off of Power's shoulders as whenyoung push on through that feeling and reach a euhoric plain, above the terrestrial complaints - and they take the listener there with them.

Check out whenyoung's 'Pretty Pure' below.

There will be plenty of chances to catch whenyoung live in the coming months as they head out on tour with the likes of Dream Wife, Husky Loops, Public Access TV and Declan Mckenna - as well as their own headline slots. All that info can be fond on their Facebook.