Over the course of the last decade, Texan rockers White Denim have remained a band that are driven by the desire not to stagnate or rest on their laurels. This has been heard across their craftily executed six records to date, and especially in their thrillingly air-tight live performances. They've now announced their new album is called Performance and comes out through City Slang on August 24th, and coming into it they've added a new keyboardist and drummer and are pushing themselves to incorporate new styles, ideas and sounds into their music. Regardless, James Petralli still states that White Denim's desire going into Performance "remains unchanged from the beginning – which is just to make interesting, up-tempo rock & roll.”

Lead single from the album, 'Magazin', certainly ticks the up-tempo rock & roll boxes, but it also checks off a number of other styles and ideas while its at it. It starts with a flicking through channels on the radio, before expanding outwards in plush-sounding three dimensions of electric and strutting rock'n'roll. With injections of brass, layers of synth, drum machine effects and psychedelic samples, 'Magazin' is much more expansive than what their mission statement suggests. Of course, the icing on the cake is Petralli's scruffed-up blues, delivered in twin attack by his guitar and voice, which guide us down the winding and warping jazz-rock vortex they've created on 'Magazin'.

Performance comes out on August 24th, and right after that White Denim will be playing three not-to-be-missed performances in London:

28 Aug - London @ Rough Trade East
29 Aug - London @ Moth Club (Matinee)
29 Aug - London @ Moth Club