William Doyle has put out several releases under the moniker East India Youth (his albums Total Strife Forever and Culture Of Volume have both been 405 faves), but it seems the time has come for him to step out from behind the mask and venture forth as himself. The first track he's released is a single called 'Millersdale', and it appropriately finds him revisiting his childhood home.

In a short essay shared about the inspiration for the song, Doyle describes growing up in this suburban house, exploring nearby and discovering "by simply travelling to another development, to a new set of roads and houses, and then coming home via a different route, my world felt suddenly shifted when I returned to my house. Back in my bedroom, it was as if someone had moved every object by half an inch. I felt a strange newness.

"It was from this moment that I stopped looking at the suburbs as though they were merely banal or drab – the almost psychedelic effect it had on me couldn’t be ignored any longer. I felt an opening up within me, and I realised that these explorations could teach me something about myself, and offer me new perspectives and ideas."

'Millersdale' takes us into this moment of discovery in the suburban wilderness, Doyle setting the scene with his words and arpeggiating pianos, painting the verdant but uninspirational scenery. As we progress further into the song the world starts to open up to Doyle and vice versa, and musically the song builds and blossoms with his psychedelic discoveries, coming foaming out with shades and shapes that previously seemed impossible amidst the square grey slabs of suburbia.

The new song also features a video by Sapphire Goss, which "creates a world hovering between a banal suburb and an uncanny memory." Enter a world of unseen fantasy with Doyle and 'Millersdale' below.

A William Doyle album is on the cards for later this year, follow him on Facebook for news of that. He's also announced a London headline date at Chats Palace on Thursday 27th September - tickets here.