New York foursome WIVES have already released a string of brilliantly fuzzy and fun songs in the build up to their debut album So Removed, which is coming out on October 4th through City Slang. They've released a new song today called 'Hit Me Up', which they say "was written form the point of view of a New Yorker who can't let go. His everyday reality does not jibe with what is going on in his head, and he's holding onto a past that never existed in the first place."

They've managed to wonderfully capture the personality and mindset of this old school New Yorker - a self-proclaimed "lifer" - in 'Hit Me Up'. It doesn't hurt that their brand of guitar fuzz is reminiscent of classic 80s/90s bands, and Jay Beach's voice is not dissimilar from J Mascis, all of which adds more shagginess and life to the character at the heart of 'Hit Me Up'. WIVES rock in a shuffling fashion through the song, as this drug-addled mind rambles around the city, believing he's in complete control, when in reality the cruel world around him is not at all what he perceives. It comes to a boiling point in the damning yet freeing chorus "you're better off than dead, in the end."

WIVES' debut album So Removed is out October 4th on City Slang. They'll be playing in Europe at these dates:

Nov 10th | Lorient, FR - Les Indisciplinées Festival
Nov 14th | London, UK - The Victoria
Nov 19th | Amsterdam, NL - Cinetol
Nov 20th | Rotterdam, NL - V11
Nov 21st | Berlin, DE - Urban Spree
Nov 26th | Luxembourg, LU - Rotondes
Nov 28th | Paris, FR - Point FMR

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