For those unfamiliar, SM Station is a continuous project on the part of, naturally, S.M. Entertainment, an effort on the major Korean label's part to showcase artists and producers, both from its own roster and artists outside of their immediate orbit.

For fledgling voices in the latter category, it can offer some sudden, immediate shine, an exciting prospect for fans of indie voices and the like that can have a hard time breaking through the gloss and noise of the K-pop industry.

YESEO, who released her entry into the series earlier this month, is something of an exception. An artist who you wouldn't be overselling to call 'self-everything', the young Seoul-ite proudly points out that her music is self-produced, written, mixed, you name it. She's managed to create some solid international buzz from pure force of will (not to mention some irresistible tunes).

It wouldn't be quite right to dub her music dream pop, but YESEO effortlessly delves into the gentle, dreamy soundscapes that many artists fumble across careers to perfect. Her latest chance for a wider audience is no exception, 'Privacy' glides like the placidly perfect slice of pop it is, with its creator searching for some private, reflective solace in a city as massive as Seoul. Almost forceful in its persistence, YESEO bears, "I need some privacy / get away from me", like an existential crisis played in jest. That, naturally, hides some real panic at modern life. Existenti-pop.