Having caused some buzz with early singles, Singaporean-raised pop star Nat Ćmiel aka yeule has now revealed her debut album plans. It's called Serotonin II and comes out through Bayonet on October 25th. Along with the news she's shared a glorious new song and video called 'Pixel Affection'.

yeule introduces 'Pixel Affection' saying "It's difficult for my mind to stay in one place. I can go back to revisit the person I was in my dreams. I see them as multiple people. Sometimes they talk to me, but I've cut most of them off because they start screaming in my ear."

That horrible sounding experience is both captured and pushed aside in 'Pixel Affection'. Sure, it begins with yeule saying that she's "wasted in a cyber dimension... staring at the screen that you live in," sounding almost completely drained, and as she says "cut into a million fragments." However, she does have 'Pixel Affection', and with that comes a cascade of bright colours and sounds, texturing her world in neon warmth. With a steady beating undercurrent 'Pixel Affection' pulls yeule away from her solitude and into a world of possibilities - although the nag of the real world is still in the back of her mind. It all combines to make 'Pixel Affection' a beautifully infectious summation of a modern malaise that we all suffer - and cements yeule as an exciting one to watch.

The video for 'Pixel Affection', directed by Mitchell DeQuilettes, takes the idea of the song even further, bringing the virtual world to life visually. Check it out below.

yeule's debut album Pixel Affection is out October 25th on Bayonet. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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