Young Thug needed this. As he faces down a wearisomely serious mix of charges, with jail time seeming like a real possibility, the relatively sudden arrival of On the Rvn is a clear exhale.

At his best, Young Thug feels without limits, twisting hip hop into something often so unrecognizable that it seems thrillingly alien. Yet, at his least inspired he risks becoming the rap equivalent of Michael Winslow (the beeping, booping guy from Spaceballs and such, folks).

Thug's recent Slime Language found him strangely sequestered, boxing his creativity into oddly bland tropes. While On the Rvn isn't without stumbles (inviting Jaden Smith along, and we're not so sure the Elton sample worked), it's undeniably Thugga firing on all cylinders.

Things come together perfectly on the menacing 'Real in My Veins' (also very much worth your time) but Thug truly reaches into the ether for 'Climax'. 6lack's presence is predictable, arriving for a preemptive victory lap following his oh-so-recently released East Atlanta Love Letter, but the two lock in for a bizarre groove unlike anything in recent memory.

It's undeniably pop, with a palpable Latin influence, but doesn't fit comfortably into any category you might want to stick it, even by Thug's own inestimable standards. It bursts with exuberance: all while making you want to shed a tear for the one you're terrified to lose. It's too bad the summer's ending, because this song sure doesn't know it.