On Monday younghusband release their fantastic new EP, Crystal, through Sonic Cathedral, and to celebrate we're sharing one of the EP's highlights - 'Tropic of Cancer'.

It's one of those songs you find yourself falling into, and before you know it you're frantically trying to press the play button again before the awful song that follows it on your Soundcloud dashboard kicks in (we've all been there, right?). Thankfully if you're listening to the actual EP in its entirety you get treated to 'Constanly In Love' which is a killer follow up, and not a chillwave remix of a chillwave band.

Give it a listen and check them out at the following dates:

  • 22 - London, Camp (W/ Diagrams)
  • 24 - Manchester, Trof (W/ To Wounded Birds)
  • 26 - Reading, Oakford Social (W/ Wild Palms)