Following on from last year's excellent Safe in the Hands of Love and the continuing live performances, Yves Tumor has shared a new song called 'Applaud' that may give an indication of what's to come next. The track features Hirakish & Napolian, while the production comes from down|play (the combined work of Yves Tumor and Napolian).

'Applaud' imposes itself with industrial beats and scraping atmospherics, tied together with a flute-like synth line. Yves is up-front and in your face with a series of breathy proclamations that demand physical intimacy. If you're on the fence about whether or not it's appealing, Yves soon leaves off for the collaborators to drop a French rap verse, equal parts alarming and alluring. 'Applaud' then pivots back to a booming and sonically dense urban pop jam that you could spend hours enmeshed within.

The video for 'Applause' was directed by Gia Coppola.

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