Blanck Mass has this week dropped World Eater Re-Voxed on our unsuspecting heads. It's a set of 4 tracks from his monumental 2017 album that have been remixed and re-vocalised. The remixers are Naked, M. Lamar, Gazelle Twin and Zola Jesus and it's available on streaming platforms right now.

The opener of the collection is Zola Jesus' towering rework of 'Please'. In this version she takes the fulcrums of the original - the pulverising beats, the squeaking production, the uneasy vocal loop - and completely chops and re-distributes them into her own collage. This creates a powerful tunnel of sound which she then propels her own unmistakable voice and lyrics. The combination is, as you would expect, deadly. The force of these two powerhouse producers and performers in combination is one that is likely to leave you flat on your ass for a while, as the beats and forceful exclamations bundle their way over you with terrific style.

It seems Zola really tapped into what Blanck Mass was going for with his dream for this remix EP, as he explains: "The theme with this remix EP was to see how a group of other artists visualize and reassess my world sonically and more importantly here, lyrically... The use of human vocals is prominent in my more recent work although I try and steer more towards an emotional language as opposed to conventional syntax, so this was an interesting exercise in interpretation."

Listen to 'Please (Zola Jesus Remix)' below.

Blanck Mass has also announced he'll be releasing a Record Store Day 12" called “ODD SCENE / SHIT LUCK” - two brand new songs which he describes as "a couple of Anti-macho pop songs about a pair of walking hard-ons I surreptitiously observed at a truck stop whilst I was out touring last year.” We'll have to wait until April 20th to hear that, but you can get your head into World Eater Re-Voxed right now on your preferred streaming platform.