After all the drama and palaver of the supposed leak of a Beyoncé Volume 2 tracklist, here comes another one for Kanye West's upcoming release, allegedly called Paris. Though as we all know, it was called The Rising (but that was on April Fool's Day, so…).

After this photo was posted on Instagram, it seems that we could be looking at the actual tracklist for his upcoming seventh album. And there's an impressive amount of collaborators: Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Eminem and Bon Iver (the last two on the same track: what?).

That is if you can believe the Instagram image. The track 'Bitch Please' features twice (second time featuring 2 Chainz) – and also what the hell is 'Pharrell Song (Happy)' all about? So, yeah… we're not sure.

Again, this could be real, it could not be real. Who's to say. What do you reckon?

'All Day' and 'Bitch Please' actually got leaked a while ago (but they've since been taken down).

  • Paris tracklist:
  • 1. Passport (feat. Lana Del Rey)
  • 2. All Day (feat. Migos)
  • 3. Third Finger
  • 4. Getting Out Our Dreams (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, Common, Teyana Taylor, El Debarge)
  • 5. Yoga Pants
  • 6. Uncle Charlie (Skit)
  • 7. Ink In Water
  • 8. Bitch Please
  • 9. Pharrell Song (Happy) (feat. Jay Z, Beyoncé)
  • 10. More Or Less (feat. Theophilus London)
  • 11 .Bitch Please (feat. 2 Chainz)
  • 12. Worldstar (Skit)
  • 13. No Plates (feat. Eminem, Bon Iver)
  • 14. Sorry