For those following the ongoing evolution of streaming music services, the term monetization has been so oft-repeated that it's hard to tell if someone is talking about board room organizing, rather than something Taylor Swift once raged on about (to the suspicions of many - especially as her heavily-crafted PR exploits have begun to unfold). The simple, uncomforting reality for many artists and non-artists looking to make a living is that the road to success is hardly paved for everyone to use. Fortunately, some are working on it.

Music service Tradiio has been a formidable bridge in the world of streaming music, giving users a chance to easily access service, but support lesser-known artists in the process. The service launched originally in early 2015, but has updated with a newer, more direct way for artists to achieve vital funding for their projects: crowdfunding.

"Tradiio started with a clear goal to enable artists to extract value from their music," writes CEO Álvaro Gomez in a company press release. "Now, just after a few days with this feature, we’re already seeing artists earning in excess of $500 per month."

Subscribers can lock in on specific artists to get access to exclusives, like early behind-the-scenes content or highly-unique opportunities. Producer Ark Patrol, for instance, has been providing fans unique ringtones and production tutorials in exchange for direct payment. Head over to the Tradiio site for more details and to download the app, available on web, iOS, and Android.

Take a listen to Isaura's exclusive Tradiio session from last year, below.