For the first week there might simply be too much going on in the world of film for Film Talk to cover. However I will try. First and foremost some brand new trailers have leaked onto the Internet since a fortnight ago but only a few worthy of mention. In 2007 Oren Peli released a film which he had made for a few thousand dollars in his own house with a hand held camera and only two central actors. The film was Paranormal Activity and after being called the “scariest film ever” by Steven Spielberg and grossing millions at the box office, Peli was hailed a genius. He has since written a sequel and although he is not behind the lens this time from the trailer below the second installment looks as eerie and as gripping as the first.
Definitely not ones for sequels, the Coen Brothers have released a trailer for their new film True Grit which contains a raft of stars including Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. The film appears pure Coen grit, (no pun intended) and the trailer easily conjures to the mind the dark and intense nature that gave No Country For Old Men its pull factor and Oscar success.
And finally in our trailer bin this week we have Skyline, a sci-fi film by Greg and Colin Strause which seems to be doing alien abductions the Costco way. Check out the rather intriguing below but remember, don’t look into the light.
There’s only one thing that should be on your mind if you’re into films and live in England. It’s the 54th London Film Festival! Running from the 13th to the 28th of October the London Film Festival contains a vast variety of films, talks and workshops ranging from the well known titles such as Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours and Darren Afronysky’s Black Swan to independent British and European Cinema. The entire festival is going to be interesting and enticing and will bring stars and directors from all around the world to the capital. This is a once a year event that is not to be missed. There are two brand new releases at the cinema this week which both look to be exciting and watchable films. I mentioned the new trailer from The Social Network last time but now the movie is finally upon us and I know I’ve said it before but this is certainly one not to be missed. Secondly we have the sequel to the 1980’s Oliver Stone directed, Oscar winning film Wall Street. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps sees anti-hero Gordon Gekko back on the street and desperate to be back at the top of his game. This film which sees Michael Douglas back in the role which made him great and with a supporting cast which includes, amongst others, Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan and Josh Brolin looks to be a interesting sequel but whether it can match up to the one that came before you’ll have to see it to know. Check out the trailer below.
“Great Scot!!”, it seems that 1980’s film is the style at the moment as Back to the Future is being re-released at the cinema. Although a absolutely masterful film and one of this film fan’s favourites I can’t help but be cynical and think that this simply a money grabbing ploy rather than an attempt to introduce a whole new generation to Marty McFly and the dangers of time travel, let us hope that I am wrong.