First on the new trailer front we have Rare Exports. Swedish, brooding and snowy. It has to be another dark vampire film in the vein of Let The Right One In, right? Wrong! This is a film that takes a slightly different angle on Father Christmas and believe me when I say that you don’t want to be on this one’s naughty list.
On the lighter side of Christmas the latest Meet The Little Fockers trailer has just been released. The third instalment of this now multi-billion dollar franchise is out and sees Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro going head to head once more. The star studded cast return and Jessica Alba is thrown into the mix but whether this will prove to be a step too far for the Fockers, we can only wait and see.
However, Meet The Little Fockers is not the only sequel trailer to enter into existence this week. Hardly a Pixar killer but a solid effort from the Dreamworks animation team, the first Kung Fu Panda was a surprisingly good film and although this teaser trailer featured below for the follow up isn’t giving much away this is one reporter who is just a little it excited.
Next we have the brand new film from the mind of the man that brought us 300 and Watchmen. Sucker Punch was never going to be straightforward or visually un-stimulating. The trailer below is absolutely stunning and looks to present an immense film with a gripping story line that might just be playing to every guys fantasy. Just one question, were there dragons in WW2?
Despite Sucker Punch'sincredible offerings it has been pipped this week to my favorite trailer. With alien abduction film Skyline fast approaching it would seem silly to gawk at another UFO based movie. However with this trailer I was simply blown away. This is a film that looks like Saving Private Ryan meets Independence Day and if it gets it right this could be spectacular. I present Battle: Los Angeles.
Only a few days ago hundreds of people quesed for hours to catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow Hogwarts stars at the premier of the latest Rowling installment in Leicester Sq. This means that the rampaging franchise is coming to an end. However the final book has been split into two so Potter pals have no fear there’s still one more instalment to come in the summer. Check out a clip for part one below.
A couple of things to cover in comic book corner. It seems that Christopher Nolan is on the hunt for a couple of leading Hollywood ladies for the next batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Rumors are circling Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman and even our own Keira Knightly. However, as usual, Warner Bros and Mr. Nolan are keeping very tight lipped about anything to do with what could very well be the final installment of Christian Bale's caped crusader. Clearly DC are very busy but over at Marvel things are picking up pace as well. With Spiderman and his love cast, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone respectively the new Spiderman reboot is looking to buff out it’s cast list and have optioned Martin Sheen for the role of Uncle Ben. Strong casts on both sides of the comic book isle are making for an interesting show down.