Hello and welcome to the first 405 film trailer round-up. Now that the World Cup is almost over you can start getting back to having a life, paying extortionate prices for rubbery sweets and settling in for a good film or two. Here we’ll aim to show you a manageable selection of the latest trailers that have hit cyberspace in one weekly blanket post. In the comments section why not tell us what future releases you’re looking forward too, what you’d like to see more of and most importantly what you think of these here trailers. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 The end is nigh for the Harry Potter franchise – some of you will be sad about this, others, including me, will be slightly relieved. From the trailer it looks like director and Potter films stalwart David Yates has gone for an almost post apocalyptic finale. But fear not magical fantasy fans for this is not quite The Road. You’re needs are catered for with a monastic score and a villain who’s based his performance on folk who suffer from constipation. Look out for part 1 of this double bill to hit screens on November 19th with the concluding part coming July 2011. The Social Network If ever there was an idea for a B-movie...Possibly the most uninspiring trailer I’ve seen. Filled with abysmally clichéd lines (“if you’d have invented Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook”) The Social Network looks, and I use the term looks loosely based on this trailer, to be a cross between those Perry Mason movies Channel 5 always used to show and The Firm with maybe a bit of Matthew Broderick in War Games thrown in for good measure. I still live in hope though that with David Fincher at the helm there may be a dramatic scene where one of Zuckerburg’s preposterously nicknamed friends sends him a head in a box on Farmville. Paranormal Activity 2 One of the most divisive mainstream horror films of recent memory returns to our screens on 22nd October. It seems to be very much a case of if you liked the last one, you’ll love this one. Though I’m in no doubt that the second instalment will be a box office smash I’m not holding out any hope for many deviations, both within the narrative and stylistically, from the original. Let Me In Staying with horror the international smash 2008/9 Let The Right One In returns under the moniker of Let Me In. Not so much a sequel as a complete overhaul of both the Swedish novel and flick fans of the original will argue long and hard whether this is a movie that needs to be made or if it’s just potential Hollywood cash-in. Taking the reins is Cloverfield’s Matt Reeves which could make for an interesting spectacle. DVD release of the week Green Zone Green Zone The Bourne films in Iraq is/was the general consensus of this movie but despite previous affiliations director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon manage to pull of a film which vociferous director Michael Moore has coined the most honest film about the war on terror.