In the second week of TTorTS’ existence we again have a mixed bag of trailers. This week’s collection features the inevitable Seth Rogen movie, the return of a past-master and a film where Danny Trejo takes the lead. And on that note – what better place to start? Machete This week I was clearing things out and I happened upon an old diary, long forgotten and tucked away in a drawer. There were several pages musing about girls I hardly remember and another several pages of the formation the football team should play with me as striker. In between these pages though was a list of what the perfect movie would entail for the 13 year old me. This list included a woman in a bikini with guns and stuff (obviously), explosions, that old bloke from Rocky & Bullwinkle and Danny Trejo doing indescribable things. It’s taken 7 years but a 13 year old boy’s dream has finally been realised. Look out for this barnstormer around September time. Green Hornet Slightly different to the last trailer released, this one shows us Seth Rogen doing lots of cool stuff that Seth Rogen may have written into the script because Seth Rogen wants to do them. I’m going to take a shot in the dark here but I’m guessing this is going to be pretty much every recent Judd Apatow comedy with added fight scenes. Just an inkling. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger For nearly half a century Woody Allen has been writing and directing films and witty, whimsical romantic comedies take up a large chunk of his oeuvre. The pertinent question nowadays is do these films have a place in today’s over-saturated commercialised Romantic genre? The time has been and gone where Allen could live off his reputation and whilst there are still undoubtedly Allen-ites who will clamour to see this surely it will only further show the continuing demise of a comedic great. Perhaps letting Allen slip away unnoticed into the middling and the mediocre is the kindest thing for him. It’s a hard game to give up, cinema, when you helped shape some of it’s very identity. Red Coming in October Red will be another in the long line of graphic novel adaptation’s to hit screens. But what sets this apart from others perhaps is the stellar cast that it boasts. With the quality of actors the film possesses maybe we can expect a little bit more from Red rather than just kicking ass and looking mean, but that would be enough. DVD release of the week Lourdes Photobucket Lourdes is a charming film that depicts the constant battles often faced in life. Not only does lead character Christine fight daily against her illness (multiple sclerosis) but she also rallies against the theological world. Her sharpened scepticism is cast into doubt though when a pilgrimage to Lourdes results in a potential spiritual awakening.