Hey guys. Let’s watch trailers while we can before nasty Tory man comes along and scraps this column too. I think we need to kick off with a bang this week. No messing around. Avert your gaze below. Tron Legacy No words. Just YES, YES and YES. Drive Angry 3D Nicolas Cage is a hard one to pin down. He produces occasional superb performances but matches them with equally turgid film choices. Recently his star has been on the rise again thanks to the tremendous Bad Lieutenant and his performance in it. But then you watch this and you get awful memories of Ghost Rider flashing through your mind and you just want to wipe clean your memory. With the My Bloody Valentine director and writer filling the same respective roles, if you liked the 3Dness of that then you might like this. Red Reasons for seeing this movie: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman socking a man in the face. Reasons for not seeing this movie: grave illness. Saw 3D Saw 3D, this week’s Obligatory Franchise Flick, is probably no different to any other of the infinite Saw films. But it is in 3D. Ooh, spike’s and saw’s in 3D! In all seriousness 3D is probably the only concept that can restore any form of cinematic worth into a waning series. Let’s hope that the finale goes out with a decapitated head flying at your face rather than a whimper. DVD of the week [B]Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales[/B] some_text Seminal French director and former editor of respected cinema magazine Cahiers Du Cinema Eric Rohmer has the six films that kick-started his film making career released to commemorate his death. With two shorts and four features this collection should be a fantastic place to start for any newcomer to Rohmer.