Not much of a week regarding exciting trailer releases but nevertheless here are this week’s best of a bad bunch. Thor (Unfortunately the video has been removed)
Thor - Los 5 minutos de la Comic - Con
. - a> Master of over-acting Kenneth Branagh is probably shouting at people really loudly, emphasising every syllable as he does so, bemoaning the curse of modern technology. For he, nor anyone else involved in the film, are happy about this trailer ‘leaking.’ And yet the film pits the modern world Branagh may or may not be shouting about against the mythic realms of Thor’s ancient world. On May 6th next year you can find out how Thor probably defeats the ancient world with a prop that looks alarmingly like Timmy Mallet’s trusted aide. Yogi Bear Everyone’s favourite bear is back for a Christmas 3D outing. Let’s face it this movie is going to be awful but watching this trailer makes me grin like an idiot (which, granted, I am) and actually look forward to the prospect ever so slightly. Plus it has the guy from underrated American comedy drama Ed in which appeals to me. Sucker Punch Zack Snyder sits at home and thinks of an idea that would be suitable for a movie. After 5 minutes he runs into the street, high fives some 13 year old boys and sits back down exhausted from all the thought he put into that idea. But you know what? Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Internet high five, Zack! Catfish Sundance hit and cinematic oddity Catfish shows that looks are deceptive. Whereas that other film about Facebook looks utterly awful so does this one - until the end of the trailer. Catfish boasts a very, very intriguing trailer and is a film that I look forward to seeing. DVD of the Week Shutter Island Shutter Island Being honest I haven’t seen this as I’m not a massive Scorsese man but I’m pretty sure it’s better than the third series of some dodgy looking comedy called Sorry with Ronnie Corbett.