This week’s Trailer round up see’s us board a fast moving train, make a short stop at 3D, followed by an even shorter one at remake central, get excited about cakes cake and see’s the writer smarking out once the destination is reached. All aboard! Unstoppable Tony Scott and Denzel Washington have forged a good partnership in the world of blockbuster action films. While most of Scott’s films may run along similar tracks (tracks? Geddit) to one another each can be enjoyed via their own merit. Scott and Washington may not be cinema’s most integral and intelligent actor/director partnership but they do well at delivering tense, action packed films. Jackass 3D Everyone’s favourite mentalists are back for yet more japes. This time however they’ve jumped on the 3D bandwagon, most likely off the top of a bridge when the wagon was going at 80mph. I’ll be honest I’m not desperate to see a man who’s stuck a toy car up his you-know-what do other things in 3D. I Spit On Your Grave Not sure I really want to watch this. Not sure I even want to remember the original. It might be worth an Orange Wednesday with the therapist though. Burlesque I love a good musical me. Moulin Rouge is one of the greatest films ever. But musicals are like cakes. They come with their pretty promise and their teasing jam and cream filled smile but then you eat it all and you feel horrid and stodgy but most of all downright guilty. In this instance Burlesque is like one too many apple turnovers – a weird hybrid of fruit and savoury (or in the films case a weird hybrid of Chicago and every other two bit musical) that is just plain wrong. DVD of the Week [B]The Stranger[/B] The Stranger If this were Steve Austin tackling Albert Camus’ novel this, my friends, would DVD of the Millennium but alas. There is a reason I’ve picked this movie though – so we can all get excited about The Expendables! There’s another reason too, so I could write this: and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!