The Next Three Days Crash directing Oscar winner Paul Haggis returns to screens with The Next Three Day, a film that looks to be a bigger and more explosive affair than the effort for which he is most famous for. Starring a non-accent practising Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson and, most excitingly of all, RZA The Next Three Days could be set to be a decent if not brilliant thriller. Freakonomics An assembled cast of documentary directors including another Oscar favourite in Morgan Spurlock bring us Freakonomics – a series of documentaries all rolled into one big docu-shaped ball. Everything from Sumo wrestling to the culture of names is tackled in order to get to the reality of something or other. Basically. Whether this turns out to be a constant and preachy roll of documentaries or just one of those shows with a naff voiceover telling you wrestling or magic isn’t real we’ll just have to wait and see. Love & Other Drugs The atypical Romantic comedies scheduled for release coming up to and around Christmas time are about to slowly start hitting us. And, as if by magic, here is Love & Other Drugs. Turgid, dire and bland are a few words that spring to mind...oh wait, Anne Hathaway’s in it - might be worth a watch then. Avatar Re-release It’s fair to say it’s been a slow week for trailers when I have to include this. I don’t really need to say much on this because you all know already. There is an extra nine minutes of unseen footage though which is exciting. Alternatively you could do something more enjoyable with your time like shave with a cheese grater. DVD of the Week Animal Collective Thought I’d keep this week’s DVD release in theme with the rest of the site whilst picking a musical choice. Whether good or bad surely this has to be worth checking out to see how the project comes together.