Thought we’d kick things off this week with a quality, light hearted comedy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one so this will have to do. Coincidentally, a friend and I had a discussion this week about whether De Niro is better than Pacino and vice versa. I stated a case for De Niro and now this. I mean, come on, help me out a bit here, Bobby. Little Fockers Black Swan Widely regarded as one of the most consistent and challenging directors of this generation of filmmakers, Darren Aronofsky will return December time with Black Swan. Marrying the two strange worlds of ballet and the supernatural together Black Swan looks like it could further continue Aronofsky’s successful run. My Soul To Take If not quite the legend of the horror genre that Romero is, Craven comes close if only for his instantly recognisable characters. This latest effort however reminds me of the video game Obscure an awful lot, if only for its characters and high school setting. Whilst I’d like to hold full judgement on this it looks no better than an average romp. Hopefully it’s an enjoyable one though. Fair Game Fair Game seems a decent enough addition to the ranks of films such as The Bourne Identity (as mentioned in the trailer) crossed with the hard, political edge of films like JFK and Syriana. Naomi Watts takes lead in a tough role based on real life events and Sean Penn is seen continuing his run of starring in politicised films (teaming up with Watts again after The Assassination of Richard Nixon).Fair Game - a movie that has the potential to be an interesting political thriller. DVD Of The Week Name As much as I would highly recommend anyone to watch Dogtooth I’m afraid there is something of even more quality being released this week. Basically, anyone who’s never watched an episode of Monk has never truly lived.