Thought I’d try something a little different for this week’s trailer round up. Partly because all the major release trailers have been disappointing and partly because I watched an anti-Hollywood movie last night and I’m feeling rebellious. So, this week sees us concentrating on films from outside of that great American behemoth including two British films, an Australian flick and a Mexican movie. Tamara Drewe It’s a shame that director Stephen Frears, off the back of The Queen, has fallen into the role of a British director who makes quintessentially British films. When you consider the quality of something like Dirty Pretty Things it grates when the same person churns out something that looks like a hybridised version of Midsummer Murders and Last of the Summer Wine. This looks far too gentle and sedate to make, or indeed have, any cinematic impact at all. Red Hill Australia make really underrated post-Fordian Westerns. Just take Nick Cave’s The Proposition for example. Here in Red Hill however they seem to have taken cues from Aussie trigger happy b-movie Undead and Eastwood’s Dollar’s trilogy – which is no bad thing. Ryan Kwanten sees him diversifying from his comedic role of Jason in True Blood to what looks like good effect. An interesting film - one to look out for. Seres Genesis Honestly, I’ve no idea if this movie is going to get a UK release but I hear that there’s a US release coming so with any luck one will follow and both you and I can check it out fully. But I thought I’d include it anyway as I’ve not seen many, if any, Mexican films and it’d be interesting to see what new takes they can throw into a pretty saturated Sci-fi arena. 127 Hours Okay, okay, so we couldn’t quite avoid Hollywood on our trailer journey but I’ll cling to the fact that Danny Boyle is British. Boyle is a similar case to Frears, a man who made genuinely interesting films at some point (Shallow Grave), made another one when he ‘went big’ (Sunshine), unfortunately didn’t get rewarded for it and then won an Oscar for something that was a shadow of those two. Now though, he has his biggest job on his hands – making an exciting film out of the true story of a man being stuck underneath a boulder for 127 hours. As of now, I’m unsure quite how this will work, but I’m pretty positive it will turn out as a more fictionalised version of Touching the Void. DVD of the Week [B]Four Lions[/B] Four Lions There are two reasons that this is DVD of the week. 1) I’m a big Chris Morris fan(boy) which is enough reason alone and 2) I got this for £3 off Amazon thanks to somebody’s pricing mistake. Hopefully some of you got this splendid deal too. Unfortunately for the rest of you guys though the mistake has been rectified and it’s now back to the normal price.