After last week's Weinstein-based party, I thought it would be best to try and stay clear of those guys this week, and lo and behold, they didn't release a single trailer. So instead this week we have Jude Law being un-posh, a French love story and a woman becoming a prostitute after getting a concussion. I definitely got your attention with that last one, didn't I?

So as promised, Jude Law being rude, uncouth and beardy in Don Hemingway. When you get over trying to figure out just what English accent Jude is doing, this actually looks quite decent; although I have a sneaky feeling Richard E. Grant as a slightly creepy, one handed 'friend' will probably steal the show. Oh and bonus: Khaleesi (or Emilia Clarke for whose who haven't fallen for Game of Thrones yet).

Blue is the Warmest Colour won the prestigious Palm d'Or award at Cannes earlier this year so I have high hopes for this one. Although if any country is going to make a remarkable film about the exploration of love as a young adult, it was always going to be a French film. Earlier this year I had a love affair with the film Like Crazy, I have a feeling this is going to be one of those films a lot of people fall in love with.

And onto Concussion. Pay close attention to this synopsis because you won't guess it from the trailer. Disillusioned with domesticated life, Abby begins a 'double' life entering the world of prostitution for women after getting walloped in the head by a baseball. So... I think this quite a unique situation, not everyone who gets hit on the head with a baseball feels the need to lead a double life as a prostitute, right?

And an update on future Tilda Swinton releases, the French trailer of Snowpiercer was released late last week, so my hope has been restored for a UK trailer very soon. Alas, still no sign of an Only Lover's Left Alive trailer.

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