Hello my seasonal trailer folk, don't worry no Christmas films here but all good things to look forward to in the new year! We have the first of many blockbuster summer release trailers, a hippie dippie rom-com and two literary adaptions. So without any further interruptions to repeat watching Love Actually, to the trailers!

At first watch I found it inherently odd for Evan Rachel Wood to be playing the lead role Daisy, but then again, I kinda love that she is. Barefoot sees Wood play a young woman who's been raised in isolation her whole life. She then meets a guy with a healthy gambling habit and goes as his date to his brothers wedding. Love ensues, and probably some awkwardly embarrassing scenes. Lets just say it looks a hell of a lot better than some of the rom-coms Hollywood has spewed out recently.

In Secret is the full trailer for a clip I included oh so many moons ago in Trailer Trashed, then called Therese. Now with a different title, and playing to the news of Elizabeth Olsen being cast in the Avengers sequel, In Secret is playing to its strength with its young cast and the ever impressive Jessica Lange playing Olsen's mother-in-law. The trailer itself is an open book, the plot is entirely readable from it but then again, like most classic novel adaptions, audiences aren't going for new plot twists. Bonus; everyone's favourite man of the moment Oscar Issac, currently promoting Inside Llewyn Davis, is the risqué affair partner. Busy year for this man.

Everyone's favourite new Spider Man returns with his sequel due next summer. By the looks of things there are villains galore with Jamie Foxx's Electro and Paul Giamatti cast as The Rhino. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, I'm basically going to be watching this for the delight that is Sally Field and Emma Stone's facial expressions, but this is still a promising watch.

And last but not least is La Belle et la Bete (or Beauty and the Beast). Can the French do a better job than Hollywood reworking Disney classics? By the looks of this trailer, most definitely, and one huge reason is Vincent Cassel playing the Beast. I like to think of Cassel as the French Leo DiCaprio, but that's just my tiny opinion. By the looks of things they are focusing more on the Hans Christian Anderson story than the Disney version, and nabbing Léa Seydoux (of Blue is the Warmest Colour fame) to play Belle is probably a stroke of genius. Must warn you though, the trailer is in French, but then again I think we all know what happens in this, right?